Strategic Development Plan | 2022-2026


The Georgian Football Federation, in partnership with UEFA, has devised a four-year strategic plan for the development of Georgian football. The strategic planning process ran for several months and covered all main areas of the local football industry.

The document presents specific measures and vision for the development of Georgian football. The planning process took on board the experience of the previous five years and the new challenges that formed during this period. The strategic plan for the development was presented by GFF-s President Levan Kobiashvili, GFF-s General Secretary David Mujiri and UEFA Strategic Development Manager Oleksandr Kucheravyi. Event was also attended by UEFA-s experts, Daniel Fletcher and Shane Jones, who are involved in development process of strategic plan. 

The first strategic cycle (2015-2020) focused on areas that were at the top of GFF’s agenda and required a quick, effective response. At the end of the cycle, during and after the pandemic, GFF and UEFA conducted research and assessment that allowed us to move to the next stage and compose a new document for the next four years.

Strategic Pillars 

Strategic pillars are the backbone of our strategy; they are GFF’s top-level priorities driven by the core strategic plan and outline the key objectives we want to achieve. They are not the goal, but the method of achieving the goal.

Development of the main areas requires each of the following Enablers:

Strategic enablers seek to develop GFF’s capabilities, capacities, and resources that contribute to effectively executing the strategic development plan.

The next stage of the process consists of implementing the stated goals. The strategic plan will allow success to be measured. The plan will be reviewed and improved on a regular basis.